In order to achieve a comprehensive level of excellence that will be enviable both locally and internationally, the school emphasizes on the discipline of its pupils character and person. This is informed by the knowledge that the school, which is the next important agency of education after the family, must not fail in its responsibility to mould a honest, kind, selfless, humble and respectful child/student for the society. The school alone cannot do this without the support of parents/guardians. The management therefore request parents to give support to its policy towards the upliftment of discipline. Counseling of students, consultation with parents and as a last resort, mild corporal punishment are administered on erring student. Suspension or outright expulsion of deviant students is not ruled out in extreme cases.

The goal of the administration of punishment here is to correct the child; hence, the management will not hesitate to exhaust all forms of rewards and motivation for students so that they may exhibit desirable behaviours characteristic of a good student and a future gentleman.



The school has a strong belief in good religious and moral upbringing of its students. To this end, character – shaping religious programme is embarked upon for both the adherents of the Christian and the Islamic faith. Additionally, befitting chapel and mosque are to be erected in the college for worship/service of Christians and Muslims, in addition to the present prayer groung made available for muslim students

Because of the knowledge that strong religious instruction is the pillar for the moulding of a modest, Godfearing and honest gentleman, all students are taken on religious tutelage by versed Pastor and Imams in the school. The interaction among student of different religious background help in fostering the much needed religious tolerance, understanding and acceptance of one another in the same community.