At Adeyemo group of schools, our goal is to provide sound qualitative education for children from the age of 2 years. Our main responsibility is to achieve an all round development and welfare of each student irrespective of his/her age, gender, tribe, religion and social background. The school endeavors to achieve this by providing an environment in which understanding, tolerance and friendship are fostered.

The school’s concept of an ‘excellent education’ is characterized by its intention to pursue the following academic and personal objectives for all its students:

  1. INTELLECTUAL AND ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT: Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of very high academic knowledge, as defined in the government approved school curriculum and on the development of the students’ cognitive skills, analysis, evaluation, synthesis, the stimulation of intellectual curiosity, the cultivation of the rational judgment and critical value regarded as integral part of intellectual development.


  1. EMOTIONAL: The school’s goal of emotional development anchors on fostering of a child who is positively motivated and who must have self confidence and an appropriate level of self-esteem through self discipline.
  2. SOCIAL: Students are trained to show respect and tolerance for other people

’s points of view and to be responsible and honest towards themselves and others, as well as show evidence of a willingness to share ideas and love with mates.

  1. CULTURAL: Students are encouraged to develope knowledge, understanding and respect for the customs, moral and aesthetic values of their immediate cultural environment and also of those cultures which are foreign to them.