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School Facilities

Internet Lab.
The Internet classroom meant for e-learning is equipped with a variety of modern Computers fully integrated with Projector and multimedia facilities both for research and ICT Learning. In keeping with its goal of being technologically innovative, the internet Lab is headed by highly qualified, experienced and professional educators who help students succeed up to post-secondary level.

Science Laboratory

The Science Laboratory is fully equipped with modern research facilities and equipments. The
Resources in the lab include microscope, telescope, thermometer, Jars, charts, holograms, and other teaching or instructional aid.

The library is fully airconditioned, modern and full of all the essential texts. 
Resources in the library include aeducational journals, local and international newspapers, periodicals, cuttings and pictures. The library is equipped with facilities which ensure hours upon hours of great reading. The librarians are always at hand during the school day to help and advise when necessary.

Game Facilities (Standard Football Field, Basket Ball & Table Tennis Pitch)


For students welfare, the school has a special arrangement for students to come early enough to school. Hence, the school bus transport avails the students the opportunity to come from Mando via Kawo to school and from Sabon Tasha to school. Other routes throughout Kaduna city are in view. The school provides bus for excursion too.

Power Supply (165KVA Standby Generator)

The school has a standby Generator for constant power supply to all facilities of the school. The Big Generator will be fully utilized when the school boarding house facilities are on ground.

Standard cafeteria